images (8) Welcome to our website…where we are friends of all associations and organizations that support the growth of our fastest growing sport “Pickleball”.

It is our intent on developing a truly Canadian National Sport with all Provinces & Territories, participating in a common cause, to the growth and recognition of a free spins no deposit.

Playing under common, truly Canadian set of Rules & Regulations that support Pickleball in our great country, where we strive for pleasurable sport and physical activity for all ages.

We recognize in our country where 75 – 80 percent of our games are played in Recreation Centers, School Gyms, due to our climate conditions, that playing on a badminton court where court layout and measurements will be the acceptable norm rather than the IFP court size.

Join us in growing this fantastic sport that allows great physical activity and a social, friendly environment for all…”Canada Plays First”.